Tinnitus treatment using hearing aids

Hearing aids can provide relief for tinnitus sufferers

The most common method of immediate treatment and management of tinnitus is usually with hearing aids.

By resolving the hearing loss it allows access to the softer environmental sounds that the sufferer is missing out on which in turn masks the tinnitus. The hearing aids also alleviate any communication problems associated with the hearing loss. Although we don’t sell hearing aids, you can purchase elsewhere or through our sister company Queensland Vestibular + Cochlear.

Tinnitus solutions for night-time and sleep

At night time there is a good chance that there is still not enough ambient noises present to mask the tinnitus so problems may still be experienced. Some studies have shown that fitting extended wear implantable hearing aids such as the Lyric provides relief in these situations as the hearing treatment is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. However, this is only treating the hearing loss and not the actual neurological issue should the limbic system be involved.

To address this issue then we need to habituate to the tinnitus and rewire the neurological pathways in the emotional areas of the brain. This can be done through counselling and habituation techniques.

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