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First Implant Surgery in Mackay for BAHA Implant Technology

One of Queensland Vestibular + Cochlear’s patients has been the first patient to receive a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) implant at the Mater Misericordiae Hospital in Mackay.

The patient and Queensland Vestibular audiologists worked with ENT specialist Dr Luke Reid who performed the surgery on 18 February to implant the bone anchor.

“This is a wonderful first for Mackay,” Mr Grant Collins, owner and Principal Audiologist at Queensland Vestibular + Cochlear, said.

“We have been offering implant solutions in Mackay since 2014 but previously our patients who required BAHA surgery needed to travel to Brisbane or Townsville. With Dr Reid now offering his surgical expertise at the Mater, we can provide seamless, continuity of care right here in Mackay,” Mr Collins continued.

Unlike a cochlear implant, which transmits sound via electric impulses, the BAHA transmits sound by creating vibrations in the bones in the skull.

In this first case, a small magnet is attached to the patient’s skull and a small external processor attaches to that magnet. The processor sends vibrations through the bone to create sound. This mechanism bypasses the middle ear and any hearing loss issues present there. The cochlea is then able to pick up the sound and transmit it to the auditory centre for processing by the brain.

Queensland Vestibular have worked hard to develop implant pathways to allow people with basic hospital cover to access implant technology for little to no cost.

“People have often thought that implant technology was out of reach financially, but with private health cover your implant, processor and surgery is covered barring any gaps your ENT and anaesthetist charge. Queensland Vestibular bulk-bills all implant appointments if you have a referral from the ENT,” Mr Collins explained.

“Our driver has always been to ensure as many people with hearing loss can access treatment and rehabilitation that’s right for them. We are delighted to be able to offer this BAHA implant technology and all associated services, including the implant surgical procedure, right here in Mackay. It will be a benefit to those patients with middle ear pathologies where traditional hearing aids no longer help,” Mr Collins continued.

Queensland Vestibular + Cochlear is a North Queensland-owned, independent audiology clinic and have been serving the Mackay market for over 8 years. We have been providing cochlear and other implant services in Queensland and Mackay for over 5 years with our first cochlear implant switch-on in Mackay in 2016.