About Us

Mission statement

To provide the best possible care and outcome for people’s balance, tinnitus, hearing and communication, regardless of lifestyle, severity of loss, age, and budget. To do this we utilise highly ethical and superior clinical judgement, and the most advanced assessment technology available. Our goal shall be that we facilitate detection, treatment, and management of balance, tinnitus, hearing loss and communication problems as a whole on a personal and individual level.

Queensland Vestibular + Cochlear Clinic are a fully independent specialist audiologist with clinics throughout the major hubs Queensland with additional access to services in rural and remote areas via our sister company Queensland Vestibular + Cochlear.

Being full members of the Independent Audiologists Australia we pride ourselves on independence of ownership from multi-national hearing aid manufacturers, national or multi-national hearing clinic companies and financial consortium’s that may have vested interests in selling their specific products or raising the value of their shares. Furthermore by removing the sale of hearing aids from our service delivery you can rest assured you are only receiving pure Audiological advice without industry influence.

Our philosophy

At QVCC our philosophy is based solely upon highly ethical and clinical principles:

  • When you see us we approach your balance, tinnitus and hearing needs using scientific medical based models with recommendations based upon clinical methodology and research and the strict ethical guidelines as set out by the Audiological Society of Australia (ASA) (click here for full ASA guidelines www.audiology.asn.au). Particular emphasis is placed upon ASA Code of Ethics Sections A2, A9, and A15:
    Section A2: “The welfare of the client, students, research subjects and the public must take precedence over a member’s self interest, or the interest of employers or colleagues”.
    Section A15: “Any device recommended to a client, or to another professional for a client, must not be less suitable for the client than other available devices, taking into account the likely performance of the device, features of the device, the cost of the device to the client, and the preference of the client”.
    Section A9: “A reasonable statement of prognosis relative only to audiological considerations may be made to a client, but a guarantee of any kind express or implied must not be given”.
  • Our Specialist Audiologists are clinicians first and foremost who focus on using the latest clinical methods and technology to do whatever they can to improve your balance, tinnitus or hearing. They are not salesman/women with commissions, sales quotas, monthly targets, and manufacturer incentives. They are simply there to help you hear or manage your balance or tinnitus better.
  • Being independent also allows us to fit all brands and models of Cochlear/Middle ear Implants rather then having to try and match you to a specific brand with features that are not right for you because of manufacturing obligations. We choose the right Cochlear/Middle ear implants and features for you from all manufacturers, because different brands have different patented specialised features for different hearing and communication needs.
  • By removing the sale of hearing aids from our services any hearing aid advice is purely clinical in nature and untainted by unsavory sales tactics common within in the hearing health sector.

At QVCC you can rest assured that you are not just being fitted with an Implant, you are getting the highest skilled specialist clinicians to obtain the absolute most out of your lifestyle investment.