Tinnitus treatment with masking devices

Masking tinnitus can provide relief

Masking devices work by creating an alternative sound to mask the perception of the tinnitus. Once the pitch of the tinnitus is determined either a broadband noise (noise distributed over a wide section of the audible range), ocean sounds, or music stimuli are created around the same pitch that the tinnitus is in an effort to cancel it out.

Most modern hearing aids have masking noise modes so you can get the best of both worlds using both amplification and masking.

Some of the music-based tinnitus treatment stimuli are also created using mathematical formulas called Fractal Equations which never repeat so you do not get the tunes stuck in you.

Masking noise may not cancel out all the tinnitus but for some people it is an effective tool in their management program.

Patients still need to address any neurological issues and we need to rewire the neurological pathways in the emotional areas of the brain through additional counselling and habituation techniques.

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