About balance and vertigo

What are Balance and Vestibular Disorders?

The balance system provides important information about our body’s position in space and about the direction and speed of our movement. Our sense of physical balance works through a complicated and intricate merging of information. Different signals from our muscles, our eyes and our ears are sent to our brainstem, the cerebellum and the different balance areas of our brains.

Changes in body position disturb special fluid in the ear which then sends signals via the balance nerve to our brain, giving us an indication of movement. However, when something goes wrong with different parts of the system, along the pathway the signals are sent, or if the brain misinterprets these signals, it can result in episodes of vertigo, dizziness and a loss of balance.

At Queensland VestibularSolutions, our university-trained audiologists use state of the art technology and assessment techniques that allow us to assess whether there is a problem with your balance system, identify where this problem is, and explain any further referrals or rehabilitation that may be required.

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